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A teacher-designed tool for memorizing beginner-level Japanese vocabulary

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2819 words, 1121 illustrations and another 1015 katakana words!


One of the biggest hurdles for Japanese language learners is the difficulty of memorizing the unfamiliar string of sounds – vocabulary (tango, たんご). There are many people who developed an interest in Japanese culture and decided to learn the language but then could not continue because of this problem. Our journey to overcome this challenge started when Keiko, a Japanese language tutor and also one of the creators of TANGO!, encountered more and more students like this. “Tango” means “vocabulary” in English, and is an online application for helping native English speakers remember Japanese words using mnemonics. It has been used in her lessons with great success. Tango! specializes in helping you to memorize N5 words of Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). Not only do we hope that people will use TANGO!, but we also hope that Tango! will become an online platform where participants share their improved puns with other members so that all can benefit from better puns and learn even more efficiently!


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